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Utility for transfer of pics using Bluetooth

 Piano Chords Learning Chords
 Piano Blues Learning Blues riffs
 Guitar Chords Learning chords
Capital Cities Quiz 
British Battles  Quiz
 Flags Trainer World flags 
 French Verbs Translations
 German Nouns Translations
 Popper Sound matching
 Piano Tuner Sound matching
 Elements Trainer Periodic table
 Trapps1 Compilation app of capital cities, flags, french verbs, integers, fractions, and popper 
 Resistor Trainer Resistor colours 
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The following images show different iPhone Apps which are supported at this website. Scroll through and see what there is - you may be surprised. Each App is educational and suitable for all ages. 

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Piano Blues

Practise the blues in all keys
iphone480x320select the key
select the rhythm
select the sequence
tap the keyboard to play

play along and keep up


 Piano Chords Trainer

Provides a reference for piano and keyboard notes for each piano chord (including minors, 7ths, 6ths, 5ths and 4ths).

French Verbs Trainer

This language trainer helps students memorise the translation of the irregular French verbs along with their present tense conjugations (as shown for prendre - to take).

Resistor Trainer

A useful reference for resistor colour codes: and tapping through the colour squares at the bottom reflect the colour coding of the resistor you need.

For students of electronics/ electricity.

Flags Trainer

For reference or fun, search for flags of the world based on colour, horizontal or vertical stripes, stars, and a combination of these.

Flags trainer helps you learn about the flags of the world.

Capital Cities Trainer

With the Capital Cities trainer, match cities with their countries. Test yourself and your family on the go with this fun trainer.

What is the cpital of Australia?
     Sydney, Melbourne or Canberra?

Stores over 160 countries across the world with their major cities and capitals.

German Nouns Trainer

German nouns stores about 1000 German nouns and their translations. Whether you are translating English to German or vice versa this trainer will give you practice at memorising your nouns.

See how your recall of nouns improves in just a few days.

British Battles Trainer

British Battles changed the world's history, but can you remember when the 100 years war was? When did Alfred the Great reign and who beat him in a battle? From the Vikings to World War II, learn about British Battle Dates using this trainer.

Every time you get the answer correct first time, the trainer yields a small piece of trivia associated with the battle. Useful for fun and quizzes.


May 2016
Change of pricing in App Store. Update to trapps website.

October 2014
New Bundles - piano training and Maths Bundle (in review). These allow you to get my apps at a reduced price.

September 2014
Been updating pixwap's interface to make it less 'programmy'. Also updating it for IOS 8 but not satisfied with the performance of the new MCSession class for transferring data - considering other options (e.g. Bonjour services).

May 2014
Piano Chords Trainer updated to v2.20
New sounds and speed selector.

May 2014
Pixwap 3 released. Great new interface.

April 2014
mathshare is now available in the App Store - FREE.

March 2014
Didn't get maths or piano academy domain names - disappointing, but the work I've put in to will become my 'Learning Zone'. Also working on mathshare - a new app to access "a multitude of math web resources" and for sharing them.

January 2014
Pre-registered new domain names.
Coming soon:
and more...

December 2013
Updated Piano Blues for IOS 5.1 bug. Thanks to Aurelio for reporting the problem. Support from Scott for MPro - looking for similar for Music Instruction in the Far East. Sounds interesting. Wish all readers and supporters a healthy and happy New Year.

October 2013
Left teaching back to industry. App support and new developments will be curtailed. Less inclination to develop software full time AND spare time.

October 2013
All apps put at cost to provide support for future enhancements and maintenance.

August 31st
Creation of my first info-graphic. Pinned to PInterest 'Alexander Watt' (

Can be found on the about page here...

August 29th
Version 2.2 of PIXWAP released and for free for a short period. New youtube videos for PIXWAP here - just follow the links.

August 2013
Version 2.1 of PIXWAP released. Improved user interface, text sent with image, improved connectivity.

July 2013
Updated to version 3.1 of Mathstrainers Pro. Now with links to social media (i.e. Twitter or Facebook post for timed results). Improved communications performance with MPro. Improved HELP file. Added link to further apps by Alexander Watt.

July 2013
Featured: How a College Lecturer Develops iPhone Apps in his Spare Time

Latest updates:
July 2013
Created haikudeck presentation for use with Mathstrainers Pro: see sister website haikudeck presentation for French Verbs Trainer. See below.

July 2013
Further upgrade to pixwap to improve sharing experience. Social media links to enable posts to Twitter and Facebook. Importing PNG and JPEG files from other apps. Counts of shares to encourage sharing. Storage of all shared files: allows users to recall shared pix.

Working on enhancements to Mathstrainers Pro.

July 2013
Pixwap updated for better performance. Integer trainer revamped for iPad and Xcode.

July 2013
Updated Pixwap for better interface, better performance, better stability.

23 June
Pixwap ready for sale on the AppStore.

June 2013
Uploaded pixwap for review by Apple, to be released on the AppStore. Share photographs, not just by one other, but by any other users, or selected users. Don't concern yourself about having to connect - pixwap connects and transfers pictures automatically.

May 2013
Working on Battery Monitor and Battery Status. Check the status on all of your devices on a daily basis. Monitor how each device's battery and memory is being used over time. Invest in your devices' usage - ensure the best lifetime by informing your device users how to keep your devices running.

April 2013
Piano Chords Trainer updated to include maj7 chords and play audio to give the user practice and the sound of the chords. New app: Piano Blues Trainer - learn to play the Blues on the piano.

March 2013
MPro, MPro Console and Mathstrainers Pro all now released to work together.

March 2013
Mathstrainers Pro updated to connect and take instructions from MPro. MPro, MPro Console and Mathstrainers Pro can all connect/ network using either bluetooth or Wifi.

March 2013
MPro and MPro Console uploaded for iTunes review. Mathstrainers website updated to reflect significance of MPro and MPro Console and focusing on Maths Training on IOS.

Jan 2013
Guitar Trainer for the Blackberry Playbook now released. Search on Blackberry App World.

Jan 2013
MPro Console released for the iPad. Built from the ground up to work with MPro (nearing end of development) for the iPad and iPad mini. Contains all the functionality of Mathstrainers Pro and more.

Mathstrainers Pro updated to work with iOS6.
Mental Gold updated to work with iOS6.

26th July
Mental Gold provided free for a limited promotional period.

25th July
Release of Mental Gold for global numeracy challenge

9th July
To access the apps (Flash files) on your iPad, download the Rover Browser from the App Store.

5th July
After further rejection (it was called "Number Olympics 2012" on the device - branding again) "Number Games 2012" has now changed name again - this time to "Mental Gold": with all sporting references removed. Help screens have also been added to allow users get the most from the app. Uploaded for Review.

20th June 2012
After rejection due to possible branding conflicts with the International Olympic Committee, resubmission as "Number Games 2012".

10th June 2012
Number Olympics 2012 - submitted to the iTunes store for review.

End of May 2012
Advertised in the Scottish Educational Journal.

25th May 2012
MathsTrainers Pro to go on worldwide release FREE - in an attempt to bring it to the world's attention.

14th May 2012
MathsTrainers Pro now released in iTunes at cost - but full functionality provided. If only part functionality is required select MathsTrainers (now tier 1 pricing). Check out the Maths link above.

10th May 2012
MathsTrainers Pro up for review in iTunes. Development well under way for MathsTeacher and NumberOlympics 2012.

18th April 2012
Version 1.02 of MathsTrainer now available in iTunes. Development of plumbers mate has been postponed - working on MathsTeacher app for the iPad (to interact with multiple mathstrainers in a classroom situation).

10th to 12th April
An appearance on with a listing of an online interview. Go there and search on "mathstrainers". Uploaded v1.02 of mathstrainers for review: all trainers now visible and usable at level 1, accompanied by Daily Task (which reflects a homework task). Working on a new iPad app: MathsTeacher: to accompany mathstrainers - monitor pupil activity in the classroom and record progress.

4th April
Uploaded video to Youtube to show connection of two devices in Mathstrainers head-to-head mode. Working on companion iPad app (MathsTeacher).

2nd April
Mathstrainers v1.01 User Guide available at mathstrainers website.

31st March
Mathstrainers version 1.01 is in for review: two additional difficulty levels for better progression.

18th March
Released in iTunes for FREE download:
Mathstrainers.For progression in numeracy for all ages.

11th March and before: comments removed...

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